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Congratulations and Thank You for all involved with Winter Sports

By SBAA, 03/05/23, 8:15PM EST


The St. Brigid Athletic Association would like to extend a huge Thank You and Congratulations to all of those involved with the Basketball Program this season.

Last weekend wrapped up the Diocese Tournaments – where 4 Tournament Champions were crowned from St. Brigid, to go along with 4 Regular Season Champions.   Congrats to all of those championship teams.

In addition to the championships, we would like to celebrate the great seasons that all teams had, the great support from the parents, coaches, and administrators that helped create one of the most successful basketball seasons on and off the court.

A huge measure of the success was how great our parents, fans, and players represented St. Brigid – there were many complements on our players, cheerleaders, and coaches from around the diocese.    Numerous compliments on the facilities at St. Brigid and our gym organization on game days at St. Brigid.

Thanks to all involved with the program, the season could not have been a success without all of you.  

If you see any of these people around St. Brigid, please thank them for all that they did this season.

Basketball Administration

  • Commissioner Bill Baumel, Assistant Commissioner Steve McElroy
  • Gym Coordinators -  John Denzel and Bella Groce
  • All of the many Concession Stand Volunteers and Scorers Table Operators


Wolfhound Cheer

  • Coaches - Lindsey Meadows, Heidi Bartholomew, Kelly Scott
  • Cheerleaders: Berkley Barnum, Whitney Cerra, Pryce Chambers, Ava Dodson, Kathryn Durant, Alexis Erickson, Marley Erickson, Juliana Ghali, Tessa Hoffman, Isabelle Meadows, Ainsley Sanko, Chloe Scott, Sofia Susi


Lil Hounds

  • 2nd Grade Girls 
    • Coaches: Sarah Viselli-Fulkert, Chad Wright, Mandy Fontaine
    • Roster:  Isabel Baker, Mia Campbell , Annie Creekmur, Gabrielle  Dye, Grace Fontaine, Grace Fulkert, Allison  GESING, Breckyn Grimes, Amelia Ma, Elizabeth Marchal, Acacia Metz, Brigid  Norton , Marley O'Connell, Rose Pervan, Eve Ryman, Nora Sheehy, Olivia  Stinehart , Sadie Ulrich, Veronica Wing, Annabelle  Wright


  • 2nd Grade Boys
    • Coaches:  Tim Lius, Ethan Anderson
    • Roster:  Roman Albanese, Owen Anderson, Dara Connery , Mack Erickson, John Paul Knapke, Elijah Luis, Nicholas  Lyons , Steele Miller, Ashton Obrecht, Frank Paniccia, Geno Roszman , Nolan Staley, Bronson  Witt


  • 3rd Grade Girls
    • Coaches : Denny Cortez, Brad Kernan, Chris Mulholland
    • Roster:   Madeline Barr, Hadley  Bartlett, Hadley Bartlett, Cora Cesarz, Lucy Duffy, Grace Flock, Blair Giacalone, Margaret  Glatz, Mila Hennigan, Emma  Jolly, Ella Kernan, Corinna Le, Brynn Mulholland, Keya Patel, Emma  Pope, Anna Schneemann, Sofia  Simonetti, Kate Tischer, Ines Valsecchi


  • 3rd Grade Boys
    • Coaches : Dan Sheehy, Nathan Lemle
    • Roster:  Zach Baumel, Patrick  Beran , Joseph Blouir, Camden Durst, James Ferrara, Art Gianakopoulos, Nicholas Gioffre-Fiocca, Ethan Guzzo, Gavin Heacock, Weston Hoffman, Jonathan Hu, Mason  Jones, Colin Lemle, Kyle Lewis, Joseph Mitchell, Elijah Sheehy, Santiago Sinram, Gabriel Wilke


4th Grade Girls

  • Coaches: Alex Elenjickal, Laurie Reinbolt, Craig Barnum
  • Roster:  Joann Alexander, Piper Allen, Berkley Barnum, Abigail Marchal, Annabelle McCoy, Charlotte McDaniel, Martha Oberhammer, Millie ODonnell, Abigail Parisian, Luciana  Reinbolt, Katherine  Watts


5th Grade Girls

  • Coaches:  Matt Van Ormer, Derek Hegarty
  • Roster:  Zoe Black, Mia Davis, Lillian Hegarty, Evangeline  Metz, Isabella  Salvatore , Jamie Tracy, Sophie Van Ormer


6th Grade Girls

  • Coaches: Nick Ulrich, Scott Obers, Bill Perez
  • Roster:  Emerson Barr, Mara Host, Kaitlin Host, Alexa Obers, Elena Perez, Sydney Pope, Anna Ulrich, Collins Wagner, Sarah Ziegler


7th Grade Girls – Green

  • Competitive Div. Regular Season Champs
  • Competitive Div. Tournament Champs 
  • Coaches: Mike Leeuw, Steve Smith
  • Roster:  Annabelle Adkins Davidson, Grace Creekmur, Kwynn Davis, Emelia Glatz, Sophia Scott, Elle Smith, Lily Steinbrunner


7th Grade Girls – Gold

  • Rec. Div. Regular Season Champs
  • Coaches: Mike Leeuw, Mike McCoy
  • Roster:  Lucy Lanier, Alyn Luis, Olivia McCoy, Sofia Ayumi Miyamoto, Grace Murphy, Kerry Sullivan, Gabrielle Van Ormer


8th Grade Girls

  • Coaches: Nick Ulrich, Scott Drab, Papa Ulrich
  • Roster:  Laura  Bellese, Marina  Bellese, Samantha Curtin, Emma Drab, Ria  Leasure, Marinda  Pope, Stella Schiavone, Lillian Ulrich


4th Grade Boys - Green

  • Coaches:  Sarah Viselli-Fulkert, Randall Thomas
  • Roster:  Landon  Eilerman, Jack Fulkert, Benjamin Gesing, Henry Hohlefelder, Charlie Mifsud, James Petersen, Diego  Rios, Connor Thomas, Tomas Valsecchi


4th Grade Boys – Gold

  • Coaches:  Mike Braun, Jason Jutte
  • Roster:  John  Bender, Ryan Braun, Owen Cooney, Chase Jutte, Christian Kerger, Anthony Pizzino, Conor Redder, Jacob Ziegler


5th Grade Boys - Green

  • Coaches:  Randy Johnson, David Tolson
  • Roster:  Andrew Adorno , Charles Blouir , Michael  Campbell , Stephen Freiburger, Benjamin Johnson, Andy Lemle, Ethan McDaniel, Brennan Norton, Roshan Patel, Jacob Tolson


5th Grade Boys - Gold

  • Coaches:  Bill Baumel, Chris Bihari, Jennifer Willison
  • Roster:  Luke Baumel, Alexander  Beran , Calvin Bihari, Matthew Dempsey, Marco  Isea, Cooper Musser, Will Reing, Wyatt  Rutledge, Sebastian Sinram, Colin Willison, Jackson Wright


6th Grade Boys - Green

  • Lou Carnesecca Sr Reserve Tournament Championship
  • Coaches: Mike Moeller, Rob Austin, Brendan Barr
  • Roster:    Reid Austin, Declan Barr, Henry  Brown , Tommy McAuliffe, Samuel Moeller, Ronan OReilly, Mitchell Palmer


6th Grade Boys - Gold

  • Coaches:  Katie Oberhammer, AJ Schiavone
  • Roster:  Blaise Barnum, Blaise DeShetler, Jack McCurdy, Evan Mooney, Andy Oberhammer , Collin  Petersen , Daniel Schiavone


7th Grade Boys – Green

  • Rec Div. IV Tournament Champions
  • Coaches:  Aaron Davis, Will Maelrich, Carl Graff
  • Roster:   Jonathan  Cole, Matthew Davis, Blake Farrell, Jack Gannon, Augustus Graf, Riley Hogan, Samuel Hollis, Diego Isea, Henry Jutte, Charles Malerich, Jaxon White


7th Grade Boys - Gold

  • Competitive Div. I Regular Season Champs
  • Competitive Div. I Tournament Champs 
  • Coaches:  Tom Geyer, Dick Geyer, Ellen Geyer
  • Roster:  Sam Creekmur, Ryan Davis, Ryan Eilerman, Ethan Farnham, Louis-Francois Geoffrion, Charlie  Schmiesing, Nick Scott, JD Seago, Max Steinbrunner


8th Grade Boys

  • Competitive Div. Regular Season Champs
  • Coaches: Steve McElroy, Mike Braun
  • Roster:  Cade Austin, Brady Barnum, Michael Baumel, Luke Braun, Matthew (MJ) Burns, Grayson Davis, Fritz  Oberhammer, Maximus White

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