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Irish Festival Volunteers Needed

By SBAA, 07/28/22, 6:00AM EDT


SBAA looking for Irish Festival Voluneers

All - the St. Brigid Athletic Association is still in need for volunteers to work at the beverage stands at the Irish Festival.   We still have a number of slots available, and we need to get them filled in this week    There is an online training that takes between 1 to 1.5 hours so that you can then select your shift - you must complete this online training first.

Help us by grabbing some other St. Brigid families to sign up for a shift and do it together, it's a great way to meet other families and give back to the Irish Festival and St. Brigid.    Know any families with younger kids wanting to get involved, spread the word.   Know any families that have graduated from St. Brigid and want to see old family friends, forward this onto them.   Looking for a number of slots still - need 7 more volunteers.

Here are the current open slots:

Fri Aug 5

  • 3:15p-8:00p (*full*)
  • 7:15p-11:45p (1 slot open)

Sat Aug 6

  • 10:15a-2:30p (*full*)
  • 1:45p-5:30p  (*full*)
  • 4:45p-8:30p (1 slot open)
  • 7:45p-11:45p (3 slots open)

Sun Aug 7

  • 10:15a-2:00p (1 slot open)
  • 1:30p-4:45p (* full)
  • 4:30p-8:30p  (1 slot open)


Irish Festival is Aug 5, 6, & 7 - and as this is our main fund-raiser for the SBAA - your help is greatly appreciated.   Please consider working one of the shifts - even get a group together and sign-up for the same time in the slots that the SBAA has been assigned.    Below PDF has all of the registration steps for you to register with the Irish Festival under St. Brigid Athletic Association.   Once you register and complete your training, you will be able to sign up for one of the slots that the SBAA has been assigned.

Instructions for Irish Festival Volunteering with SBAA


Irish Festival Sign-Up FAQ

Thanks to a number of you that have tried to register to volunteer for this years Irish Festival.   Your support is greatly needed as this year we have a few more slots, even on Sunday this year.    

We have had a number of questions, because this year the registration process can be a little tricky as it's new for everyone.  So we have tried to give you some tips as you go through the registration steps.

All Training is online training and MUST be done before you can select your shift.

This year, all of the beverage server training is done online and you must complete this training before you select your shift or even see what shifts are available.   You will login to the volunteer site, but you will not see any shifts until you complete the registration so it will seem confusing.   The training consists of 3 modules - each about 20-30 minutes if you stay diligently going through it.   After you register, you will be given the link to the training - see below on how to take the training correctly.

How do I register?

Inside of the PDF there is the link to go directly to the Volunteer Hub and register.  Here is that link ( but please read the PDF with instructions for new users.   If you volunteered in the past your account will still be there and you should re-use your account.   If this is your first time, please read through the instructions in the link down below with the Instructions.   There is a JOIN CODE that allows you to be linked up to the SBAA account for new users.   Existing users should already be linked, and if you try to enter the join code it will tell you that you are already joined into this group.

How do I take the training?

One you login, at the top you will get a message like this:

Click on the this URL to go to the training site.   Then you will get a page that looks like this to enter the training site, where you will NOT Login at the top, but instead just click the "Containue" as you are a Dublin Irish Festival beverage server.

After you have then entered the VolunteerHub training site - you should see something like this, and you will have 3 course to launch.   Each one is 20-30 minutes, depending on how quickly you navigate through the videos and questions.    After you are completed with each one, it will show that you 'Passed' the training, and after all 3 are completed you will be prompted to sign that Beverage Server Agreement (it's a checkbox that says you accept the agreement).   

After all of your training is completed, you should be redirected back to the original link where you logged in with your username and password, but now under the comment at the top about "Sharing O' Green" - there will now be a list of shifts that are available.

My Spouse and I want to work together

Please make sure that you both take the training about the same time to get it done, and then after both have completed training, then both of you select your shift individually so that you know you are getting in the same shift.   As each of you must register, and each of you must complete the training and sign-up under your own name.

What is a shift leader?

Each Shift we need to provide a main person as the Shift Leader.   Shift leaders are just like the other workers, but you have a few more things to handle if there are questions for the group.   You can see what description of a shift-leader is from DIF.

  • Serve as a liaison with the DIF Beverage Manager and Event Staff
  • Be responsible for checking radio/supply bin out at the first shift of the day and return the radio/supply bin at the last shift of the day to the Sharing o’ the Green Head Quarters
  • Handle ALL radio communication and be responsible for the product inventory process
  • Be on-site to supervise the ORGANIZATION, its members or other staff
  • Ensure that all servers have checked into HQ, oversee  shift transitions, and serve as team leader
  • Be present until all Square I-pad equipment picked up
  • Wear a readily visible DUBLIN-issued credential badge indicating “shift leader” designation at all times while on duty
  • Ensure that at the end of each shift, the credential badge is passed on to the next scheduled shift leader or, if serving the final shift of the evening, return supply bin and radio to the Sharing o’ Green HQ

What do I wear?

Please review the Dublin Irish Festival guidelines - they have some rules on the type of attire (as part of your training) - but for St. Brigid Athletic Association - we ask that you wear some St. Brigid spirt wear that you may have, or if you have nothing a Green or Gold shirt would work as well.   If something changes on attire - we will communicate later to those that have registered.


If you have any questions about the Irish Festival volunteering - please reach out to 

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